Shot from the Top

My deck overlooks my pasture, and I’ve been wanting to experiment with getting overhead photos of the horses. One day the horses were hanging out by the deck so I seized my chance. 

While I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for, I love their reactions. 

Pony is trying to figure out what I’m doing.

Pony took the opportunity to show Stu that he’s lower than him on the pecking order. It’s like Stu doesn’t realize he’s double the size of Pony.

Pony just needs a rest – keeping Stu in line is hard work.
But he must carry on.
Berry was not interested in the drama.

I need them to hang out by the deck more so I can try again. But not spend too much time there – I had to put string up electric fencing there since Stu liked to rip down the deck pieces he can reach. He is a giant toddler. Fingers crossed he matures one day.

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