Vintage, the Horse Model

Vintage has been retired so long, I’ve forgotten if I even chronicled her lameness. Basically, it all started many years ago when she jumped out of her stall window. She hurt her fetlock, and long story short, she went to the vet clinic, got a total evaluation, and injections made her sound. Long story short, she’s not sound without injections. I have too many horses that need work to spend that much money on injections. Long story short, the horse is retired. 

Sometimes I regret this decision though, as she’s such an awesome horse, I wouldn’t even need the other ones…

Anyway, she’s also such an awesome horse that I decided to use her as my horse model. You see, I have this desire to be a photographer, and part of it is photographing people with their horses. 

Since it’s easier to practice photography when it’s convenient, it’s really most convenient to use my own horse and bring the people to me. Since Vintage is the calmest and easiest to work with, she was the natural choice. 

And she’s got previous experience dealing with my antics!

She’s tolerating it, but man, is she giving me the look. This is definitely below her dignity. 

In look at other photos of models posted with horses, it actually doesn’t seem uncommon for the horse to have a “what has my life come to that I am forced to do this,” expression. So I guess she’s working within the industry norms. 

I also tried to do a Fourth of July themed photoshoot with her, but it did not work. 

With no context, I would guess that no one would guess that I was going for a Fourth of July look. If you are wondering, that is tulle, and it is draped over her head. She was confused, but she just stood there for  half an hour like a good girl while I desperately tried to make this work. It did not.

Unedited raw. It looks way better in my imagination.

After I turned everyone out, Stu came over, wondering what I was up to. So I tossed some tulle on him. But he is not a professional like Vintage. 

Alternating eating and standing on my tulle faux American flag. Despite it being tulle, this feels very wrong.

Since I already own the tulle, I guess I’ll try some non-flag themed photos and see how that goes. By the way, one of the pieces was supposed to be blue tulle, but it’s so light that it is not visible in photos. But the photos make more sense for my theme with this bit of knowledge. 

But anyway, Vintage is off to a good start in her second career as a model. She truly is a professional.

Even if she does have to grab a snack while working. It’ll be put into her contact. 

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