Horse Farm Warnings

Apparently I’ve always been a klutz. My mom said when she took me to the doctor as a baby she had to convince them those bruises really are because I’m really clumsy. He walked with her to the car as I played on a foot tall concrete wall. Right in front of him I tripped and fell, and he believed her.

My mom thought gymnastics would help me become more coordinated. It may have helped in the sense that I’m still alive, but I still feel like I’m much clumsier than the average person. In the last few weeks, I’ve racked up a few injuries that are still healing:

  • Bruised finger from wire cutters crushing it. Bruise is still visible under nail.
  • Sliced finger from wire. Lumpy scar is forming, still hurts to the touch.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got some new injuries to add to the list. 

  • Gate smashed into me due to Vintage rushing the gate. Bruise on hip and arm.
  • Branch caught on tractor roll bar, got pulled back, and snapped onto my arm. Bruise on arm.

I don’t purposely try to hurt myself. It just happens. It’s amazing I’ve lasted this long considering my long history of both clumsiness, and working with large and/or dangerous equipment. The skid steers, the chainsaws, the various wood cutting devices, and nail guns. Although, even when I’m not using those things, I seem to be in danger of destroying myself on everyday objects. 

There’s a website that sells posters of demotivational quotes, it’s been around forever, and one of the quotes is, “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning for others.”

That’s probably me. 

We could even go a long way back for careless things I’ve done:

Or more recent:

You’ve been warned!!

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