Visiting Ollie

I would happily spend every weekend taking pictures of horses and their people. So happy I got to do it two weekends in a row! Let’s see if I can keep this trend going…

Presenting D’Arcy.

For these photos, I went to visit D’Arcy and her horse Ollie. Longtime readers will remember that D’Arcy used to keep Ollie on my farm. Ollie and Stu came from the same breeder, and spend their first year together. Now Ollie has grown up, and has even been broken under saddle! She spent over a month at a cowboy trainer, and has since been spending her time continuing to grow up. She’s a big girl now! She’s been sticked at 16.3, and I think that makes her a little bit bigger than Stu. It’s hard to tell on rolling hills and also she was wearing a blanket.

She and D’Arcy have a very sweet bond. Ollie came right up to D’Arcy in the field, and then followed her around. She knows her person.

I had Ollie on my farm for about a year, and I always wonder if horses remember people. I was her primary caretaker, so you think there’s be some memories. So as she came up, I wondered…

And as far as I could tell, she did not remember me. She definitely cared way more about D’Arcy. She greeted me, but it was more of a polite, Hello, how are you? than an actual, “I REMEMBER YOU!”

But there could also be a chance she’s just a polite young lady horse… She’s always been a sweet girl.

I am incredibly jealous of the massive field she’s in – it looks like an amazing place for a horse to live, and it looks like an amazing place to have a good gallop. 

I’m also jealous for another reason – there’s an incredible stump in the field! 

Sorry, but when you see an impressive stump, you have to appreciate it. They are neat looking, and also useful as mounting blocks, or even a table, if that’s what you need. (Maybe to set your wine bottle on?)

D’Arcy climbed up there to desensitize Ollie to her being above her/laying on her. But I loved the way it looked. The stump photos are some of my most favorite ever

Other horse also wants to be part of The Stump Experience.

It was a very photogenic stump. I’m so glad I met Stump.

I hope you also liked the photos of the Stump (truly the real star). But also, D’Arcy is an amazing person, and you should definitely give her a follow. She’s on Instagram as @thetravelingrider and she’s always doing something amazing, like flying to Iceland and riding Icelandic horses. Thank you, D’Arcy, for letting me photograph you and Ollie! 

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