Horses in Fashion – Dior 2021 Spring Summer Collection

dior featuring horses

Horses have been included in fashion for a long time. Either as background or mood setting, or as a main focal point of an image. There’s nothing new about that. 

But it doesn’t mean I still don’t get excited about seeing horses in fashion!

Dior 2021 Spring Summer Collection featured a white baroque horse of some type (Andalusian perhaps?) next to exquisite dresses. The theme was based on tarot and fortune tellers, giving it an overall mystic vibe. It looks like it was inspired quite a bit by the medieval times.  

I actually really like these images. I think they are really interesting and beautiful, and they don’t look like typical fashion photography. They have a strong illustrative quality to them, which is unusual. I do love the clothing, though. It’s beautiful, and I wish we could wear these kinds of clothes in our normal lives. I love the first outfit the most – those sleeves are amazing!

The whole collection can be seen on Dior’s website, and there’s even a film to go along with it. I’m not going to pretend I watched it though… I started to, and then I got second hand embarrassment. I’m sure it’s because I’m not cultured enough to appreciate it, but oh well. It is what it is!

And on that uncultured note, I noticed a certain area looks a little strange… kind of like they are trying to hide something… Was this horse a gelding? Teehee.

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