Back to Work – Pony Gets a Job

Another big update on the farm: Pony Man has a job!

I am thrilled that he will finally be doing something, but the sad part is that it isn’t with me. I leased him to a lesson/training barn, and he’s going to be a lesson pony. 

pony in stall
Puffing himself up to impress the ladies

It was hard to let him go, but he really needs to be doing something, not sitting around on the farm doing nothing. I finally admitted to myself that I just don’t have the time for so many horses, and he was wasting the best years of his life doing absolutely nothing. 

It will be a benefit for me, too. He’s going to get more training and exposure to the world, and when I get him back, hopefully he’ll be a great children’s pony for my use. Theoretically, I should have way more time once I get him back… three years from now. Yes, it he is on a three year lease. I will miss the little bugger so much. His personality is so sweet and loving, and he really was my little buddy. 

He’s in a great situation though. He is getting love and attention, exercise, and (very important in this heat) baths followed by standing in front of a fan. The trainer says he’s doing well, and the barn loves him. They did change his barn name though. I suppose that’s okay, not everyone may be comfortable with the manliness of his manly given name. He’ll always be Pony Man to me though.  

A most manly of ponies

Man, I do love ponies though. Even just writing this out, months after he’s been in his new home, makes me want more ponies. They are just so stinkin’ cute. Maybe one day I’ll have my Pony back, and maybe even more ponies. I looked at the online auction for Chincoteague ponies, and it is so tempting to place some bids – there are a few I’d buy! Buuuuut definitely don’t have time for more ponies. I wish I did.  

He’s ready for the lesson kids!

But really, I’m just happy Pony is making himself useful, and getting lots of love and attention. If something happens with him, I’ll update, but Pony probably won’t be making an appearance for a very long time. Although, fingers crossed, he’ll start making appearances again when Bridgette is riding him! 

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