An Attitude Adjustment

pony in stall

A few weeks after I birthed the twins, my Pony came back from lease. The trainer said he was the world’s best pony and he was wonderful, but she wasn’t getting enough business to justify keeping him. That’s fine, I took him right back. When he got back, I was surprised to find him more […]

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A Pony’s Life

pony in the snow

After spending most of last year as a lesson pony, Pony has returned to me.  My understanding was that he was the world’s best pony at his lesson barn. I’m not sure of the exact details though. I really should have asked though. If there’s one thing I love, it’s hearing how great my pony […]

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All About Pony Man

Since I almost never talk seriously about Pony Man, you’d be forgiven for expecting that he’s just a random pony I picked up on the side of the road. Well, that’s only half true! He’s a random pony I picked up next to a breeder’s farm on the side of the road! But in all […]

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Shot from the Top

My deck overlooks my pasture, and I’ve been wanting to experiment with getting overhead photos of the horses. One day the horses were hanging out by the deck so I seized my chance.  While I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for, I love their reactions.  Pony took the opportunity to show Stu that […]

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Weanling Walk

Over the weekend we did Weanling Walk 2: The Reckoning. Weanling Walk 1 is here.  Weanling Walk 2 ended up being much better! Who would have thought a sequel would have been better than the original?!  This time, I stuck a camera similar to a GoPro on my head and recorded the whole thing. The […]

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TTouch Evaluation: Pony Man

Now the thrilling conclusion of the TTouch Blog Mini Series. I only have three equines, so I can only do so much with this topic. Today’s contestant: Pony Man, a 5-year-old, medium sized pony with a heart filled with arrogance, and cowardliness, in equal measures. He enjoys galloping up to greet people, or hiding behind […]

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