Whole 30 Follow Up

A while back, I started up Whole 30. I meant to post a more weekly update of what was going on, but let’s be serious – I didn’t have much to say and it would have been super boring. But, now that it’s been several weeks I thought I’d provide an update.

Yes, I kept with it to the bitter end of those 30 days. Then I ate a plate of pasta, felt like garbage, and went right back onto Whole 30 again. So I’m currently on round 2. 

So, how’s it going?? You might ask. (Let’s pretend you’re really that interested.)

I would reply:

  1. I’ve lost 10 lbs since I started. The main reason I am posting this update is because I finally got back on the scale to check my progress. My clothes were getting looser, but I couldn’t really tell I was losing anything at all. It was kind of discouraging that I seemed exactly the same, and I was wondering why am I putting myself through this craziness for nothing. Well, turns out it wasn’t for nothing, something did happen – 10 lbs over about 6 weeks. Sadly, just in the history of this blog I’ve lost and gained that same amount before. My weight yo-yo’s. The real challenge will be keeping it off. 
  2. My energy levels are through the roof. I go to the gym weekday mornings, but I was pretty lazy about it, and sometimes I’d only walk on the treadmill for a few minutes before hitting the shower. Now, I warm up on the treadmill or bike, and do a full weightlifting session. It feels good, and I feel good. I also used to immediately want to nap when I returned home from work. Not anymore! I’ll alert and awake basically until the moment I put my head on my pillow, and then I’m out like a light.
  3. I notice how different foods effect me. The pasta was one example. Another, I caved in and ate some delicious canoli’s at work, and for the next three days I had crazy sugar cravings. They disappeared after I refused to give into them. Now I crave fruit and vegetables. They make me feel good. 
  4. I can eat a bucket load of food. It seems like I can basically eat any quantity of the allowed foods, feel completely satisfied, and not gain weight. If I want to eat 6 bananas I do it. If I want to eat two steaks, I do it. But, on the flip side of that, I don’t feel as hungry as I used to either. Smaller portions seem to satisfy me, except for those days where I’m so hungry and I just feel like I have to eat all day (although that doesn’t happen often…seems to be triggered if I break my diet.)

Those are the main benefits. Now, the downsides:

  1. I can’t drink alcohol. I never realized how much alcohol I drank until I stopped drinking it. It was hard the first month, but now it doesn’t bother me as much. But it’s still bizarre to me. In another life, when I’d go out drinking with friends, it would shock me if there was someone in the group that didn’t drink. Like, why!? Why would someone not drink?! But, now that’s me. I’m the one getting weird looks for not drinking. 
  2. I’m still a terrible cook, and haven’t utilized the cookbooks I got specifically to remedy this. I experienced food fatigue from constantly eating the same things… and now I’m still eating the same things, but it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. But I don’t find the cooking part fun. I want to work on this, plan my meals out in advance and get a better handle of this.
  3. I miss convenience foods. I miss being able to walk to the pantry and pull out pop tarts to cram into my mouth. I miss easy access to bread and cereal. Such things were staples in my life. 

The plan moving forward is to basically stick with the Whole 30 plan, finding ways to cook more, and diversify my meals a bit. I’m going to jump into this with renewed vigor as I have a new goal to set. I’m going to Florida twice in the next two months, and I want to be sure I look good in a bikini. Is it super shallow? You betcha. Don’t care – I’m doing it. But, I have to work harder because while I think 10 lbs over 6 weeks isn’t terrible I basically only have 3 weeks until one visit, and another 3 weeks before the next one… so need to make progress sooner, rather than later. 

I think the best part of people posting diet plans are before and afters. But because I don’t seem to have any recent photos of myself, I only have this before, taken in true horse person fashion, on a horse. 

Taken around July 2nd I think. I normally wouldn’t post this because I usually only post flattering pictures of myself, but it seems to make sense here.

So, in a few weeks, I’ll wear the same outfit, get on the same horse, and get another picture. We will see if I made any progress (although I really hope it’s very obvious since that picture was taken at the begining of Whole 30, and I’ve already lost 10lbs!).


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  1. It’s great that you’ve stuck with it and have lost a little weight as a reward for your efforts! I think Whole 30 would be super hard because there are so many things I’d crave and cheat with, and knowing that you like the same things makes me proud of you for your resolve!

    1. It was definitely hard to give up delicious food, but now it’s not so bad. I like the results too much to go back haha

  2. that’s so awesome! i’ve heard so many wonderful things about this diet and nutrition plan. you looked great when i saw you for the polo game too!

  3. I did whole 30 twice and definitely lost weight. The first time I lost 20 lbs. It was crazy. But I hated every living second of it. By the end I was so sick of the few things I could eat, I had stopped eating much of anything and was getting nauseated at the thought of food. So it was not a healthy diet for me. I have been contemplating doing it again though just to get the weight down.

    1. Wow, 20lbs is insane!

      I hear you on the food fatigue… I’m okay at the moment but I will need to diversify my meals. I’m all for it though, I just like the way I feel so much.

  4. I recently heard from another friend, who has been doing Arbonne, that re-integrating wheat carbs into her life has made her feel really weird and sluggish. In some ways, this doesn’t make sense to me because humans have been eating wheat and wheat products for ages. But in another way, it’s like, okay, everyone’s body is a little different. I feel kinda sad for you guys, because I fucking love pasta and want to cram all of it in my mouth all the time. But I also feel awesome for you (and my friend!) because it seems like the changes you’ve made in your diet have been really positive for your health beyond just weight. That added energy thing is FANTASTIC. I wish I could find a way to inject more energy into my life.

    So GO YOU. I have tons of veg-heavy and whole 30 friendly recipes in my life because I eat a near constant stream of vegetables.

    post feels weird re-reading it but I really just think you’re awesome for taking charge of your diet like that. But I still love wheat. Weird out.)

    1. Omg you are #vegetablesgoals. I need a stream of vegetables, and lots of recipes for them. I always admire your produce and chicken pics on Instagram… you’re living the good life there.

      The sluggish feeling from the carbs was super weird for me. It was like a betrayal – I looooove pasta and bread, but then after I ate it I felt so terrible that my craving for it vanished. It’s bizarre to me, a certified pasta lover, but I’m okay with not eating them now). We’ll see what the future holds.

      And thank you, you’re making me blush!

  5. Good job! Real food takes so much time but the results are worth it (okay sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes you are just hungry RIGHT NOW). Keep it up!

  6. I’ve had a few people I know do whole30 and I want to be able to do it, but a lot of food makes me happy including cooking it and I don’t want to give that up (to an extent..eating a whole cake would make me happy but yeah that never happens lol) I mostly just love alcohol..like not in an alcoholic way lol

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