Have Trailer, Will Travel

adam julite

I have a new trailer!!! My excitement levels are almost maxed out! 

I have not been able to use it yet due to lack of time, but I cannot wait to use it. It’s almost shocking to me how much not having a trailer has affected my horse activities. Granted, I don’t board, so it’s just me here at home, all alone… who would have thought such a thing would lead to a lack of motivation?

Seriously though, having a trailer is freedom. I can’t believe there was ever a time where I thought to myself, Nah, I don’t need a trailer. A trailer is a requirement for me to be able to do anything with my horses. I need it for lessons, I need it for trail rides, I need it to meet up with friends – I need it for every reason!

Luckily, I have a husband who understands this need, so as soon as I saw this great deal, he swooped down on it. We talked about my needs/wants, made sure this is the one for me, and it was done. All mine! Thank goodness for very understanding husbands!

Like a bird of prey swooping down upon an innocent woodland creature.

This trailer is a 2017 Adam Julite with a dressing room and Rumber floors. It’s a two horse straight load bumper pull. I debated getting a gooseneck, but I’ve heard stories of people who don’t find a gooseneck as easy to hook up as a bumper pull. They are definitely easier to pull, but I don’t want anything that makes hooking up difficult. Sure, I could probably learn, but why learn something new when I already know some other stuff. I mean, really

Keeping notes of how pristine it is, likely won’t last long.

I have wanted Rumber floors since I knew they existed, and that has been the biggest delay in finding a new trailer. They are relatively new, so most used trailers don’t have them. Only certain horse trailer brands carry them, and you better believe there’s an upcharge for them. Rumber floors are basically rubber lumber instead of wood, they are maintenance free, and (the primary reason I wanted them) they are much more comfortable for the horse to ride on. They are shock absorbing, protecting those legs, and they keep out significantly more road heat than traditional wood floors. 

No sawdust needed in there! (Actually not supposed to be any in there). They are supposed to last about 30 years, and the only maintenance is hosing/power washing them. I’m excited to try them out, and hopefully, they live up to all the hype!

This trailer has a dressing room, which is so ostentatious, I don’t even know if I can handle it. My old trailer did not have such luxury. It was just the two horse stalls, and then I stuffed some stuff in front of their heads, and the tack in the backseat of the truck. I mean, it worked, so I could have kept doing it. But now I’m going to learn how to put stuff in a trailer dressing room, and my heart might explode from having such power. 

Only one downside to the dressing room:


Now to plan some fall adventures and take full advantage of this beautiful weather! 

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  1. YES! Come see me! haha. That trailer was actually built 15 minutes from my house, so naturally coming here should be its maiden pilgrimage! 🙂

  2. We looked at some trailer with the number flooring and I really wanted it. It’s so cool. Unfortunately none of the ones with that floor had the other features we need.

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