First Riding Lesson in Forever!

I had decided I would rather ride hunter style, because I want to jump. So I made the plunge, and scheduled a lesson with a local instructor. And of course, I had an amazing time!

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually riden, and even longer since I took a lesson. So naturally, I was terrible. Also, I rode dressage, and this is hunter, so it was a little different.

The lesson was pretty basic. Getting my excitable mare under control. We were also out of shape, so we were heaving and panting without much effort.

But because I had such a great time, and I rode my wonderful Vintage, here are some pictures.

appaloosa mare
Oh she’s just so beautiful!

We didn’t do anything higher than a ground pole, but that’s okay, because Vintage loves jumping those. So it was nearly the same thing.

What is this monstrous thing!?
and the moment of flight
“The Bounce”

I purposely wore my new shirt from my 5k Color Run, but no one asked about it. So I just looked like a slob for no reason. But that’s okay, when I am a better rider, I’ll try to dress nicer and look the part.

I was given homework: get in shape. Not quite so blunt, but she told me I need to do a lot of conditioning, for me, and the horse. Except I have two horses I need to get in shape, so I guess I’ll be in really great shape while they will just be mediocre.

And just because I’m very happy about this – I’ve encountered a lot of bias against appaloosas before. People just hate them. Maybe they think they are unattractive or something. But, at this hunter barn, the group of people I was warned hated appys, loved my little appy. They were impressed that my small horse had such good movement, and my instructor went on about how much she loved apps, and she had one too, and they had fantastic endurance. I agree, of course. My appy does everything for me!

I’m looking forward to next week’s lesson. I’m so excited!

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  1. Ohmahgah the first time I did anything resembling jumping after some time off I couldn’t walk for a week. It was killer. But nothing kicks your butt into gear like having
    Love how your girl is totally hovering over those poles. Hovercraft Appy (show name??).

    1. Yeah I’m a bit stiff today! Had to take a walk to try to ease it out.
      I looooove Hovercraft! It’s so perfect. I have to show her now, for the sole purpose of using the name.

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