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My dress came in, and it is better than I expected.


The material is really heavy and just beautiful. It’s so pretty!

Poffins agrees it's quite nice for making a nest on.
Poffins agrees, it’s quite nice for making a nest on.

With Poffins sitting on my dress and me laying out on the floor, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to get this dress dry cleaned before I even wear it.

I’ve now dug in the arena for 20 hours. I would have done more, but there’s so much rain! I think Virginia is becoming a rainforest.

13 hours in
13 hours in
20 hours in
20 hours in

I brought the arena out by another 20 feet, so much so it was hard to get a picture of it, and I had to stand in a tree. Turns out this is the hardest spot to dig out because I have hit a stash of boulders. (So that’s where they’ve been hiding!! I was warned this might happen by others who have made arenas in my neighborhood!) Luckily, my bobcat can smash right through some of them, or at least reduce their size enough to tediously dig them out. My immediate neighbor had to use dynamite  to get ride of her boulders. But now I have huge potholes and giant hard mounds everywhere. It’s going to be tricky to get this area level.

Berry and Pony decided this was fascinating so last night they broke into the arena and ran around like a bunch of idiots. Berry, who recently became lame and I had to have the vet out, only to discover she did not break her leg, she just had a huge abscess that somehow manifested itself on a trail ride, was covered in mud, and (of course) has a swollen leg, no doubt from playing slip and slide all night. Now I get to see if it’s minor or if I’ll have to have the vet out AGAIN. With this kind of record, I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to show her this year.


A long time ago, I mentioned I bought chickens. Not my teenage mutant ninja chickens, but chickens from My Pet Chicken. I don’t think think I said anything, but they arrived several weeks ago, and have been growing up in a little dog crate.

Super babies, pictured with teenage chicken sensation, The Khaki's.
Little babies, pictured with teenage chicken sensation, The Khaki’s.

Going through my photos, it occurred to me that I have literally no photos of the little babies, just this one picture of them in a dog crate where you can’t even see them. Since I’ve been binge watching South Park recently, it reminded me of this episode:

I’m sorry, but these chickens are censored. No one can see them, NOT EVER.

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  1. Love the dress! And I love the chickens, I think. I’d need to see them to confirm, but I’m pretty affectionate towards chickens in general. I also love the arena, it’s looking super cool! Again, I’m willing to send manfriend to help out. I’m just that much of a giver. I do NOT like that Berry is going all wonky. Baby horse needs to stop that!

    1. Hmmm he might be useful to lay out geotextile cloth! I’ll have to see how much those things weight. I’m not quite at that step yet though.
      Chickens are amazing, and I’m sure you’d love them. But if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, you might never eat chicken again although I’m not and I eat it all the time with no guilt.
      And yeah, Berry needs to cut it out! What the heck Berry!!

  2. your arena is amazing – can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like! hopefully the swollen leg is nbd tho and Berry will be feeling better pronto

  3. Silly ponies sneaking in. I understand that all too well unfortunately. 😉 Obviously the censored chickens need to be photographed. The dress looks great!

  4. Tell me about rain, we ‘ve had plenty of it for the past three days and more for today. Your arena is going to look nice when it’s completed.

    Okay, about Homesteader horse trailers – didn’t see any in SoCal, saw every other kind. There were a couple custom builds that were very nice you would want to live in yourself. 🙂

    1. I don’t want a drought, but it’d be nice to go one week without rain!
      I guess homesteaders are an east coast thing! I saw one on the road the other day and it was like seeing a unicorn!

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